Market Outlook 2020

What a difference a year makes!  A year ago, at this time the market was coming off a 20% correction in the fourth quarter reflecting prevailing headwinds of rising interest rate, escalating global trade tensions between the US and China, uncertainty on Brexit, and growing concerns of slowing global growth. Today conditions have calmed. Central banks around the world are dovish, including in the US, where the Fed moved to make mid-cycle adjustments in the midst of uncertainty and raised chances of extending the cycle.  Likewise, around the world central banks seem accommodative with negative interest rates prevailing in several key countries around the globe. The US and China have apparently reached a Phase I trade deal and while the situation is tenuous and large structural hurdles remain in the areas of intellectual property, leaders of both countries seem to be more motivated to move toward more substantial agreements into 2020. With this backdrop, conditions appear favorable for economic growth in 2020.

This was also a solid year for investors.   The S&P 500 was up 28%, its strongest year since 2013 and well above the 10% historical average. The US Bond market also recorded a very solid performance with the US Bond Index (Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index) up 8.67%, its strongest showing since 2002.   The 60%stock/40%bond portfolio generated its highest returns in almost 20 years.   The US market was a leader in 2019 but equity markets in key geographic regions were all up with Developed Markets (MSCI World ex USA) up 23% and Emerging Markets (MSCI Emerging Markets) up 19%.    

Looking into 2020, the presidential election and perhaps impeachment proceedings will increasingly be in the headlines.   Statistically, presidential election years are favorable. According to Morningstar/Ibbotson, since 1928 the S&P 500 has climbed 11.3%, on average, during presidential election years and in 19 out of 23 years the markets posted positive results.    

With a constructive backdrop, global growth is likely edge higher in 2020, reducing risks of recession. This creates a more favorable environment for equities and generally a positive stock market outlook; including international markets; and emerging markets, specifically. But, 2019 will certainly be difficult to repeat in both equities and fixed income. While the equity and fixed income markets benefitted from declining rates in 2019, the dovish pivot by central banks appears to be over, so earnings growth may need to carry the market from here. Moreover, trade tension could re-escalate impacting global growth expectations. Fixed income yields and dividend yields on stocks are near lower bounds, making income opportunities elusive. Another risk could be that growth flattens and inflation rises. This could impact the negative correlation between stocks and bonds returns over time.    


In one-way 2020 will be no different than most years – it will undoubtedly include some unforeseen event or issue. So, like all good New Years’ resolutions now it is a good time to re-evaluate your financial goals, volatility and risk tolerance, and time horizon. Investors who patient, disciplined, and adhere to, and consistently reassess their long-term plans tend to have the greatest success.            



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4 Helpful Strategies During this Volatile Market

By Lineweaver Financial Group
June 18, 2020 Category: Strategies, Volatile Market, General

Since the onset of COVID-19 in February, weve seen record volatility in the financial markets. But, its time in the markets, rather than timing the markets that will ultimately help set you up for success over the long-term. Here are a few strategies to help you keep your cool, remain invested, and weather the storm. First, consider using income-focused strategies to help weather todays uncertainty. When investing in individual stocks, its important to use caution for growth purposes or when you are nearing retirement. Normally, its best to employ a combination of different tools, including bonds or fixed income, based on your financial goals and time horizon. Secondly, remember that planning now could save you and your family hundreds of thousands of dollars later. One of the major changes of the past year is the elimination of the stretch IRA. This rule changes the way your heirs are able to receive inherited funds. Before the change, you were able to spread the inherited money

Strategies to Help Maximize Income and Minimize Taxes

By Lineweaver Financial Group
May 21, 2020 Category: General

Were all going through a situation with no precedent right now, and it can feel challenging to take any action. But, we believe that there are some important tax strategies that can help you navigate during these challenging times that may not only help you weather the current storm but set you up for success down the road. One strategy we recommend for our clients is tax-loss harvesting, which involves selling an investment that has lost value, replacing it with similar investment, and then using the investment sold at a loss to offset any realized gains. This can help investors minimize any taxes they may owe on capital gains or their regular income. It can also improve overall investment returns. This strategy, however, can only be applied to taxable investment accounts, including retirement accounts like IRAs and401(k). Another strategy can be a Roth conversion. Converting retirement savings from pre-tax to Roth accounts has become less expensive for many investors because of the

Economic Commentary 2020Q2

By Lineweaver Financial Group
April 07, 2020 Category: Economic Commentary

The COVID-19 virus has made a brief global recession likely. While the duration of the virus pandemic is unpredictable, policy stimulus, pent-up demand and a lack of major imbalances argue for a solid upswing when the virus threat clears. The containment measures being taken across the globe to combat the virus will have a large economic impact. Global gross domestic product (GDP) growth will probably be negative in the first quarter and will enter the second quarter at risk of contracting further. Provided the virus is transitoryperhaps contained in the second quarterthe global economy should be poised to rebound in the second half of 2020. The combination of monetary and fiscal stimulus on top of last years global central-bank easing, in addition to the reduction in China-U.S. trade tensions, argues for a solid recovery when the virus threat recedes. In the U.S., the governments virus containment measures mean a technical recessionnegative GDP growth in Q1 and Q2seems likely.

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