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Tax Planning and Preparation Specialist Mark Sipos, from left, Tax Assistant and Administrative Support Loryn Zaffle and Tax Associate Josh Wenhold.


Tax laws and provisions are subject to change, and many of the provisions can be quite complicated and confusing. As a result, many taxpayers unknowingly pay more than they should when completing their annual tax return, or in some cases, unknowingly fail to include certain items that can trigger an audit or additional tax and interest penalties.

Lineweaver Tax Services is here to help you take the first step in your tax planning. Our team is led by Tax Planning and Preparation Specialist Mark Sipos, who has over 37 years of experience providing individuals with tax and personal financial services.

We know making sure you know the questions to ask yourself will go a long way toward making sure you don't under or overestimate your annual tax obligation or risk any penalties.

Filing Your Tax Returns

To timely file tax returns we need your assistance. Please try to schedule an appointment with us, or drop off your information, as soon as possible. To ensure we can complete your tax return, we need your information to us by end of business on Monday, March 27, 2023. After this date, we can no longer guarantee your tax return will be completed by the due date of April 18, 2023. If we cannot complete your return by the due date, we will file an extension for you, along with an estimate of money due or expected refund. We will contact you in advance to discuss. There will be an additional charge for filing the extension if you submit your information after the March 27, 2023 deadline.

We do understand that certain information is sent to you late in the filing season such as brokerage statements and K-1’s. Please submit all other information necessary to complete your tax return to us in advance of these late arriving documents. We will input all other information ahead of time and have the tax return ready to complete once the last information is available.


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