Retirement Philosophy

OUR Personal retirement planning philosophy

Retirement planning is an intricate balance of steps and exercises designed to balance your retirement goals and dreams with your investment strategies. Additionally, we address the often overlooked importance of a well structured tax plan and ongoing retirement plan review. As your situation changes, so should your retirement plan. At Lineweaver Financial Group, we utilize seven principles to create your retirement roadmap:

LFG Retirement Roadmapping

  1. Properly Estimating Retirement Requirements. It is essential when planning for retirement to take into account not only essential costs (including healthcare), but also the non-essential expenses that will be part of your desired lifestyle during retirement.
  2. Creating Your Particular Risk Profile. Each individual retiree has their own set of unique personal retirement risks. Determining practical methods for managing those risks is vital.
  3. Making Retirement Funds Last Longer. Outliving your financial resources is a common concern, and thus it is important to have the correct tax, investment, insurance and estate planning strategies in place.
  4. Recognizing and Planning For Income Gaps. Filling perceived future income gaps can be accomplished in many ways, and is important to help you enjoy your desired lifestyle and meet your financial obligations.
  5. Converting Assets into Retirement Income. There are many methods for converting assets into income, so you must make sure you have the appropriate instrument and liquidity mix that is suitable for your situation.
  6. Managing Pass-Along Assets. Assuming your income needs are satisfied, you may wish to pass along assets to family, friends, charities, etc. Minimizing inheritance taxes and stretching out the life of legacy assets requires careful and knowledgeable planning.
  7. Basic Plan Maintenance. Just because you retire doesn’t mean your life stops changing. Review at least on an annual basis to ensure your retirement plans continue to be aligned with your retirement goals.


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