Is Your Portfolio as Diversified as You Think it Is?


Diversification should be an important part of everyone’s strategy when it comes to investing, but it can be easy to either over or under diversify. Many people think they’re diversified, but when you dig deeper on any given portfolio, we find that’s often not the case.  

You want to choose a variety of assets – stocks, bonds, cash and others – but you also want to choose ones whose returns haven’t all historically moved in the same direction, and, ideally, assets whose returns typically move in opposite directions to help your portfolio hold up better in down markets.  

Another important aspect of building a well-diversified portfolio is that you try to stay diversified within each type of investment. It’s also smart to diversify across stock holdings by market capitalization (including small, medium, and large caps), sector, and geography. 

Something else to consider is stock overlap or duplication between funds. Many people select what they think are very different funds, when in fact they may not be. For example, if you hold several funds, they may be diversified on their own. But if you were dig a bit deeper on them of these, you might notice that many of the top holdings of the different funds are the same, meaning that you’re not nearly as diversified as you had though. 

Another key issue to maintain diversification is rebalancing.  Rebalancing is the mechanism to replenish diversification. Without rebalancing, a portfolio tends to become more concentrated in the assets that have performed well. The benefits of the original plan start to erode. With the relative strength in equities over bonds, US equities over international stocks, and growth stocks over value stocks in recent years it’s entirely possible portfolios have become less diversified and need to be adjusted.      

When you do rebalance, it’s important to take advantage of tactical tilts based on market and macroeconomic conditions. This is where your financial professional should play an important role.  

So, as you can see, diversification may not be as simple as it sounds, particularly as your portfolio grows.  

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Annuities have been in insurance agents' and financial advisors’ toolkits for decades. It’s a product designed to provide a steady income stream for retirees. It’s no secret that annuities have been a popular option, but are they always the best investment choice? Here’s the rundown of the pros and cons of annuities. Let’s see if they could be suitable for your financial strategy.  Firstly, it's crucial to understand that every financial strategy has its place, including annuities. Many people value the relative financial security annuities can provide. However, annuities come with several drawbacks. One major issue is the lack of liquidity – meaning once you invest money in an annuity, you are often limited as to how and when you can get it out. At the very least, they’ll likely have a surrender charge. Some have even more limitations – like how much they can withdraw each year!  Often, these products aren’t fully explained at the time of purchase, leading to confusion and frustration down the road. By the time you encounter an issue, the original salesperson may no longer be available to assist, leaving you to navigate the complexities on your own. So, there can be many challenges annuities offer, but how would investors know? Annuity companies are required to report all details to a third-party service. We can access these tools and provide you with a no-obligation annuity intelligence report. Thi

Planning for taxes on Social Security

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Recently, we've been hearing from people who have been enrolled in Social Security, seeing their taxes go up, and not understanding why. There are ways to keep more of your retirement income, but first, let’s look at how it can be taxed. We know that Social Security benefits aren’t tax-free. In fact, up to 85% of the benefits you receive each year could be subject to tax, depending on your household income. Moreover, 100% of your withdrawals from traditional IRAs and traditional 401(k)s will likely be considered taxable income. When making these withdrawals, we work closely with our clients to ensure they’re taking what they need but not enough to push them into the next tax bracket. We’ve recently encountered individuals who took advantage of high interest rates by putting their money in CDs or money market accounts. The interest on these is taxed at the same federal income tax rate as the money you receive from paid work, which is why people are seeing their income tax rates jump into the next bracket. That's why it's crucial to collaborate with a tax professional to develop a strategy to mitigate that sudden increase, just like we would with IRAs or 401(k)s. Furthermore, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 is set to sunset on Jan 1, 2026, which could exacerbate the problem further. When the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 ends, this means tax rates will revert to their previous higher levels. The act doubled the standard deduction and

Coordinating your financial strategy can help save money in retirement

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May 01, 2024 Category: Retirement

  Workers are not new to the idea of saving as much money as possible for retirement. However, there is less conversation about spending the money they’ve worked hard to save, and that shift can cause stress in any retiree's life.  Major worries among retirees include not being able to spend as much as before retirement, not being able to leave money to beneficiaries, facing unknown healthcare expenses, and outliving their money. If you don’t have a strategy in place to help pay for these expenses, you could end up making a mistake that will cost you more in the long run.  For instance, we talked to a client who wanted to add an addition to her home. Her original plan was to take the money from her IRA to pay for it, which would have been close to $150,000 before tax.  If she proceeded with that, she would have increased her tax bracket, increased taxes on her social security, and increased her Medicare premiums. For example, her Medicare premiums alone would have increased by over $5,000/year. However, because we were able to coordinate her strategy with our in-house tax team, we were able to suggest a better alternative strategy and engineer a solution that fit her specific needs. We took about one-third of the money from her IRA, which kept her tax bracket and premiums the same. Then, we worked with her to get a home equity line of credit or HELOC. Finally, we were able to use dividends from her portfolio– which

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