Life Stage Mapping

Life Stage Mapping for a Custom Financial Plan

Your WealthWATCH Life Stage Mapping forms the basis of our financial planning process. We identify where you are today and the stages you will experience on the path to achieving your overall financial goals and objectives. While these stages are similar for most of us, they need to be modified for your specific personal and family needs — like risk tolerance, time horizons, changing family dynamics, career considerations, and more.

Foundation builders image

Foundation Builders

  • Families to support and protect
  • Careers to establish, college nest eggs to build
  • Budgets to plan, goals to set
  • Investment decisions to explore
  • Time-pressed schedules to juggle

Asset accumulators image

Asset Accumulators

  • Paying for ever-rising college costs
  • Increasing investment awareness
  • Accumulating a nest egg for later
  • Vacation home ownership
  • Debt management

Empty nesters image

Empty Nesters

  • Potentially reduce current taxes
  • Accelerate retirement savings
  • Changes to asset allocations
  • Aging parent obligations
  • Concerns about health/quality of life
  • Increased desire to give back

New Retirees image

New Retirees

  • Accept positives and negatives of aging
  • Increased travel, new interests and hobbies
  • Joy of grandchildren
  • Awareness and need for multi-generational planning
  • Working on charitable inclinations

Golden Years Image

Golden Years

  • Maintaining quality of life
  • Having an adequate income stream
  • Leaving something for the kids and grandchildren
  • Managing tax exposure for heirs and charitable causes
  • Preparing personal care arrangements
  • Updating legal documents


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