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Meet Michael. Like some of you, Michael is a business owner planning for his retirement with his wife Linda.

Concerns About the Future

As a business owner, Michael has dedicated his life to being a driver of the American economy. He’s spent many years making sacrifices for his business, and making sure his employees and their families were always treated well. He doesn’t regret a moment - but now it’s time for him to make sure he’s taken care of Linda and his family. Retirement is coming up faster than they ever imagined, and Michael knows it’s up to him to put a retirement plan in place that ensures that he and his family won’t have to compromise on the quality of life they’ve worked so hard to create. He also worries about the proper way to transition into retirement, including succession planning, business continuation, getting out of his company in the most efficient way, and more.  He and Linda are both looking forward to traveling, spending more time with friends, and spoiling the kids and grandkids…within reason of course! What they need is an advisor who can help them coordinate all the right decisions to help them build the future they want.

Setting Clear Priorities

Their top priority is probably similar to yours: they want to preserve and grow what they have now, in order to create a good monthly income for their future. After all, they’ve spent their lifetime accumulating it, and don’t want to take unnecessary risks.

They also want to use their time wisely. As we all know, life goes by in the blink of an eye. They don’t plan on wasting their valuable retirement years trying to be their own “financial quarterback.”

The Value of Coordination

They need someone who has years of experience coordinating a client’s financial, legal, insurance, and tax needs. Someone they can feel secure with, who understands all the aspects of their unique situation and that strategies are in place if something should happen to one of them.

The Importance of Trust

There’s nothing more important than having a thoughtful advisor that you know and trust. Working with Lineweaver Wealth Advisors and Lineweaver Financial Group is like having a team of advocates – a sounding board – who help consider every important financial decision from every possible angle. The best part is that we offer all these services and professionals under one roof, and believe that personal service is the cornerstone of a great relationship. We believe our clients should be able to speak with a person whenever they need to – not an answering service or automated system.

Considering Lineweaver

 We hope you’ll take some time to learn more about our wide array of services, our commitment to personal client attention, and our many educational resources.

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Michael and Linda are fictitious persons and their case is hypothetical. Case studies are for illustrative purposes only and should not be construed as a testimonial. They do not represent the experience of any advisory client. Each client’s situation is different and goals may not always be achieved.

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